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Our Team.


Ryan Letada.

Our Chief Builder.

Having immersed himself with the plight of the urban poor in the Philippines had led him to the strong belief and realization that the real way out for people is access to educational opportunities and tools.


Tessa Yuvienco

Tessa Yuvienco.

Our Education Guru.

She could have been any where in the world yet she stayed in the Philippines. Not because she stopped dreaming for greener pastures, but because she believes wholeheartedly that someday she’ll see the grass in the Philippines to be of deepest green.



Sandeep Chandiramani.

Our Finance Chief.

A world traveler and an adventurer. Sandeep spent a decade supporting Red Hat’s 100-fold growth in revenue and personnel worldwide.

Cherry Withers

Cherry Withers.

Our Content Maven.

“I think that geniuses are born, not out of the womb, but out of opportunities and tools available for them. My hope is to have every child in the Philippines realize their potential by gaining access to a state of the art education.”

Jerome Gotangco

Jerome Gotangco.

Our Technology Geek.

A self-proclaimed geek and technology fiend. He believes that technology has the capacity to transform the lives of people for the better and therein lies its “coolness” factor.

Marife Mago

Marife Mago.

Our Community and Web Builder.

Part of her motivation for joining OLPC support-gang volunteer and eKindling is rooted in her strong interest for improving education through community collaboration. She is fascinated by people who share their unique talents and experiences.


Kevin Asuncion.

Our Marketing and Communications skipper.

There are four things that matter to Kevin.  (1) Quality Education  (2) Being Healthy and Active (3) Socially Responsible Business (4) Good Food.   It is the first and third thing (wishing it was the fourth too) that brought Kevin to eKindling in 2010.

Mitch Seaton

Our Technology Support Chief.

Mitch started as volunteer and describes his experience in visiting Lubang, PH as ” it was a truly amazing month I spent in the Philippines last year. I got to met many amazing people, educators, teachers, officials etc. and made many new friends. It’s such a valuable experience to interact with the teachers and students (kids).”



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