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We create meaningful learning experience by bringing technology-based, educational innovations to children,classrooms, communities across the Philippines.


We envision that every child in the Philippines will become a life-long learner and a leader of tomorrow’s digital and connected world.


  1. Be Child-Centric – We always ask ourselves “How will children benefit?”
  2. Dream and Act the Impossible – Dream and Act Big. Achieving 65% of the impossible is better than 100% of the ordinary.
  3. Be Genuine – Stay true and honest to ourselves and others.
  4. Be Community-DrivenInspire a sense of ownership in our communities. We recognize that collective effort is key to the success of our work.
  5. Invest WellChoose wisely; consider the return on your efforts & the impact of your actions.
  6. Lead the Education Movement – Take a Stand:  This is an education movement with a technology spin. Never the other way around.

meet the team.

eKindling team: A group of people from different backgrounds and interests, join together to creates meaningful learning experiences by bringing technology-based, educational innovations to children, classrooms, and communities across the Philippines.  Meet the team.>

our advisors.

eKindling  advisors:  Meet our advisors,  there’s one common thing about these people they are all passionate about learning and education. Meet our influential advisors.>


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  1. Elvin M. Ramilo / Mar 5 2011 7:00 am

    Your organization is so dedicated when it comes in Education How can I become part your organization. Thanx God Bless

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